Our products are designed to assist campus environments that incorporate buildings, open spaces and entry points, and
handle shifting amounts of traffic to help keep students, travelers, employees and visitors safe - indoors and out.

Here are the primary ways customers apply our products to their location:

Entry Points
Combine our products with video and access control for a complete system to monitor those at your location.
Open Spaces
Our solutions solve the challenge large areas present for delivering an atmosphere of safety.
Our customizable options can be easily tailored to fit your needs and benefit a wide range of facilities.

Top places Code Blue can be found:

Code Blue ensures that doctors, nurses, technicians, anyone visiting the hospital will remain safe with solutions that keep the focus on saving lives – and not worrying about your own.
Mass Transit
Code Blue solutions proactively help keep travelers safe and secure, a vital step to ensuring that transportation systems continue to run smoothly and efficiently.
The presence of Code Blue helps ensure that visitors feel safe from the moment they arrive at an entrance gate all the way to the most remote parking space in the lot.
Code Blue has been synonymous with college and university campuses for decades, and students, faculty and staff understand what our solutions signify: safety and security.

Code Blue also serves a growing number of industries:

While the majority of casinos already have detailed security plans in place, Code Blue's emergency communication solutions add another valuable layer of safety.
With Code Blue’s systems helping keep employees and visitors safe, you will find that you and your team are a lot happier. And we all know happy employees are productive ones.
K-12 Schools
Tragic events have taught us that it’s essential to have sufficient emergency products in an attempt to prevent more of these nightmare scenarios from taking place.
Code Blue solutions are specifically designed for safety and security for downtown streets, parks, garages and other locations that won’t break your community's budget.
Parks & Recreation
With Code Blue's solutions, children, adults, athletes and spectators can make sure the focus is on having fun and relaxing at parks – and not worrying about their safety.
Shopping Centers
The implementation of Code Blue is appealing to shopping centers looking to improve customer service and reduce liability by providing another level of security for customers.
Stadiums and arenas have taken it upon themselves to be more vigilant, from the parking lot to the entrance gates, with Code Blue strengthening that commitment to security.
Whether it’s delivering warnings about sudden changes in the weather or seeking assistance, Code Blue provides solutions for beaches, marinas, ports, boardwalks and other locations.

Code Blue products have been installed in a variety of additional locations.
Call 800-205-7186 to find the right solution for your location.