How Code Blue
Helps Corporations

In addition to allowing authorities to react in an instant to emergencies, the versatility of Code Blue also provides a wide range of applications for non-emergency situations, like car trouble in a parking lot or basic information requests, minimizing legal considerations by providing another level of security.

Customers include:



Emergency speakerphones are located throughout its California corporate headquarters.


A wide array of pedestals can be found on the Connecticut campus of the popular sports network.

Family Dollar

The North Carolina headquarters for this large chain of stores utilizes a number of wall-mounted units.

Popular Corporation Products


CB 1-s Help Point®

The CB 1-s is our most-popular pedestal Help Point. Highlighted by a high intensity area light that provides added visibility, this blue light emergency tower provides direct contact with first responders and is an excellent choice for walkways, parking lots, open campus areas and more.

CB 4-u Call Box

The flexible wall/pole mount is designed for areas without accessible power or phone lines and comes with a NightCharge® option that can pull power from a switched light grid and operate 24 hours per day, even when the grid is off.

IP1500 and IP2500

The compact, lightweight design ensures an easy installation anywhere, while the full package of unique features – SIP standards, fault monitoring, auxiliary output, outdoor rating – comes in one convenient package, providing a high-tech and cost-effective option for any location.