More Than Just An Intercom

Emergency phones are more than an alternative to mobile phones or radios. These rugged and reliable
products provide a critical line of communication to those in need of a secure connection. From operational
activities to emergency situations, our phones help keep you just a call away.

Self Diagnosing

Whether you choose IP or analog, monitor the status of your phone and its components and receive instant notifications if there is an issue.

Full Duplex

Our phones come with full duplex capabilities with echo cancelling, sometimes known as open duplex, which allows the caller and first responder to communicate simultaneously and eliminates buzzing and static.

Open Standards

By building our phones on open standards like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), you can easily process calls with either our award-winning platform, ToolVox®, or incorporate your own system.


Our phones are constructed to meet the regulations and withstand the toughest conditions, from extreme heat and blizzard conditions to vandalism and other man-made damage.

Single Connection

Because our phones drive our public address speakers, you only need one line for both devices. Additionally, our IP5000 is a Layer 2 switch, which allows you to connect peripheral devices using the available Ethernet ports.

Contact Closures

Interact with objects and people by triggering flashing lights, opening AED doors or integrating with access control devices.

Available Phones:


IP Phones

SIP-compatible, hands-free devices available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Analog Phones

Reliable and effective communication devices available with multiple keypad and button options.

A Variety of Interface Choices

Multiple options and configurations are available to create a customized user
experience, all protected from tampering by our proprietary security screws.












Code Blue offers a variety of signaling devices that help you raise awareness at your location.

Public Address

Deliver powerful and intelligible notifications to your audience in a clear and effective manner.


High intensity, energy efficient lights that provide high visibility - both day and night.

Area of Refuge

Reliable two-way communication for first responders assisting individuals who cannot evacuate a building.