How Code Blue
Helps Municipalities

Governments and municipalities are sworn to serve and protect their communities. And that is exactly what they do, but downtown streets, parks, garages and other locations can require a variety of needs that cannot be resolved with just one solution. Fortunately, Code Blue offers cost-effective solutions specifically designed for safety and won’t break your budget.

Customers include:


Food & Drug

More than 150 wall-mounted units serve the FDA in the Washington, D.C. area.

Collier County,

An assortment of pedestals and wall mounts can be found at a variety of locations throughout Naples.

Royal Canadian
Mounted Police

Canadian authorities have a number of wall-mounted call boxes to assist with their daily duties.
“(The Help Points® are here) to help people feel safe and get help when they truly need it,”
- Santa Ana Cpl. Anthony Bertagna

Popular Municipality Products


CB 1-s with Dual Faceplates
and Public Address

The 360-degree, 400-watt, six-speaker array delivers maximum audio clarity and range to a wide audience, while the rugged, cylindrical pedestal enclosure offers high visibility with an integral area light that ensures rapid location identification in an open environment when the emergency speakerphone is activated.

IP1500 and IP2500

The compact, lightweight designs ensure an easy installation anywhere, while the full package of unique features – SIP standards, fault monitoring, auxiliary output, outdoor rating – comes in one convenient package, providing a high-tech and cost-effective option for any location.

CB 2-e

Our most popular wall-mounted unit can be equipped with an internal PAS or include a camera option for additional functionality. It’s perfect for parking garages, dorm entrances and hallways.