How Code Blue Helps
Parks and Recreation

Since Code Blue products are UV, weather and vandal resistant, they are especially attractive to parks and recreation areas looking to minimize their legal considerations by offering another level of security. The implementation of Code Blue systems also can help reclaim potentially dangerous locations by increasing visibility and shining as a beacon for those in need.

Customers include:


Grapevine Springs Park,
Las Vegas, NV

Renovation plans included Help Points®, a new playground, workout areas and multiple dog runs.

Uhlhorn Trailhead,
Lewistown, MT

Solar modules top pedestals throughout this recreation site adjacent to the Big Snowy Mountains.

Oyster Creek Trail,
Sugar Land, TX

Multiple pedestals can be found throughout the 110-acre park, which sees as many as 1,000 visitors a day.
“We’re hoping to bridge a communication gap and make it so anyone can reach us if they need to in the case of a medical issue or safety problem.” - Roy Michael, Clark County Park Police

Popular Parks and Recreation Products


CB 1-w

This rugged, freestanding pedestal comes with a vandal-resistant, top-mounted solar array module that is configured for optimal performance and reliability in almost any geographic location. It’s ideal for open areas where power and phone lines are not readily available, while also minimizing the added cost of trenching.

CB 1-s with AED Housing

The pedestal is constructed with an integrated, temperature-controlled housing that can accept an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to ensure a timely response to sudden cardiac arrest.

CB 4-s with Dual Faceplates

This wall-mounted unit not only offers an advanced emergency communication device, but it also comes equipped with a second opening that can be used for directory listings, video surveillance or other security devices.