About Alertus

Alertus Technologies leads the industry in unified facility notification. For more than a decade, Alertus has engineered innovative emergency alert systems for colleges and universities, K–12 schools, corporations, medical centers, military bases, and government organizations — some of our customers include Virginia Commonwealth University, Boston University Medical Campus, and the U.S. Department of Defense. The Alertus system is a customizable array of emergency notification products, including the wall-mounted Alert Beacon, computer desktop alerting, USB panic button, LED marquee display, text-to-speech interface for public address and giant outdoor speaker systems, fire alarm interface, VoIP phone alerting, digital signage and cable television override, and mobile phone app.


About Partnership

Code Blue's Blue Alert® MNS integrates with Alertus via a present configuration in the custom web service tool to deliver emergency notifications to Alertus' wall-mounted Beacons.



Alertus Beacons


Blue Alert® MNS and ToolVox® version 3.2 or newer

How Does it Work?

A preset web service tool in MNS pushes out notifications to Alertus’ Alert Beacons.