About Rave Mobile Safety

Rave Mobile Safety‘s mission is to be the most trusted safety software partner, providing innovative communication software for better emergency preparedness and a faster, safer response. Communication technologies and preferences are undergoing a major transformation, and in many cases, the capabilities of agencies entrusted with our safety have not kept up. Rave Mobile Safety’s focus is on providing agencies and those they serve with the best technology for securely connecting with one another. We are helping protect millions each and every day. Your safety is our business.


About Partnership

Utilizing web service tool in Blue Alert® MNS, Code Blue's sophisticated mass notification software, users can configure alerts to include a CAP-compliant notification that can be pushed out to Rave Mobile customers through the Rave Mobile API. Customers then can program their Rave Alert Admin Console to initiate alerts that can be sent to devices based upon the message received.



Rave Alert Admin Console


Rave Mobile API; Blue Alert® MNS

How Does it Work?

CAP-compliant notifications and alerts can be pushed out through the Rave Mobile API.