How Code Blue
Helps Stadiums

A number of stadiums and arenas already have taken it upon themselves to be more vigilant, from the parking lot to the entrance gate, and Code Blue is happy to do its part to strengthen that commitment to security. Our emergency communication solutions are attractive to places looking both prevent a dangerous situation and minimize legal considerations by offering another level of security.

Customers include:


Vassar College,
Poughkeepsie, NY

Pedestals with AED housings ensure a timely response if sudden cardiac arrest occurs near the football field.

Dartmouth College,
Hanover, NH

Pedestals can be found throughout campus, including near the athletic facilities.

Alabama State University
Montgomery, AL

The school customized its pedestals and wall mounts with school colors and logos.

Popular Stadium Products


CB 1-s with Dual Faceplates
and Public Address

The 360-degree, 400-watt, six-speaker array delivers maximum audio clarity and range to a wide audience, while the rugged, cylindrical pedestal enclosure offers high visibility with an integral area light that ensures rapid location identification in an open environment when the emergency speakerphone is activated.

Blue Alert® MNS

Blue Alert MNS can deliver alerts about potentially dangerous situations, like extreme weather conditions or active shooters, through multiple platforms, including public address speakers.

CB 2-e with AED Housing

Designed for both exterior and interior applications, this wall-mounted unit includes a temperature-controlled housing that can accept an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to ensure a timely response to sudden cardiac arrest.