6 Product Lines. Millions of Possibilities.

Code Blue can offer you more choices than any other manufacturer. Choose from a variety of emergency phone towers and call boxes with the ability to customize to match any location.


What to Consider


From the style of the unit to the utilities used, each Code Blue Help Point offers a variety of options to meet any situation.


Putting Durability to the Test

Our rugged designs can withstand intense levels of abuse, from natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods, to snowplows and other man-made hazards. See our products put to the test.

Our Product Lines

1 Series
The industry standard for emergency blue light phones is ideal for virtually any campus environment.
2 Series
Our most-popular line is a great choice for parking decks, entrances and more.
4 Series
Cost-effective call boxes that are rugged and dependable options for gates and building entrances.
5 Series
A slim, economical model that is a durable and reliable option for parking applications.
6 Series
An economical, ADA-compliant solution for mounting hands-free emergency speakerphones.
9 Series
Robust gatekeepers that are perfect for high-traffic areas, particularly drive-up or walk-up applications.