Code Blue Phones

Reliable Communication for Emergency & Information

Code Blue's Phones provide a critical line of communication for those in need. Designed for reliability and durability, our phones offer a secure connection for both operational activities and emergencies. From modular Help Point® faceplate phones that fit any Code Blue unit to rugged wall-mounted speakerphones, our solutions are built to last.

Experience the self-diagnosing features, full duplex communication, SIP standards compatibility, and all-weather hardening. Our phones also drive Help Point® audio paging speakers and allow integration with functions like access control devices, security sensors, warning lights, and more. Stay just a call away with Code Blue's Phones.

Speakerphone Options

Centry® VoIP Help Point®

Code Blue’s smallest complete Help Point®, Centry® allows you to bring the safety & security of a blue light phone indoors and unlocks an unlimited  amount of lcoations to install.

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Stand Alone Speakerphones

Rugged and reliable wall-mounted speakerphones offer all forms of help, in a small footprint format.

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Faceplate Speakerphones

Help Point® faceplate phones are designed to fit the opening of any Code Blue enclosure. Available in analog and VoIP options.

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