Grants for K-12 Schools

Due to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, safety grants are available for K-12 schools

Schools and communities need the proper resources to create and maintain a safe learning environment for their students. The challenge is that most schools are doing a lot with the little that is given to them.

A safe learning environment empowers students to learn without fear in a positive environment. It is recommended that all schools implement layered physical security practices to ensure a safe school. These safety measures are normally costly and usually require funds that schools do not have.

Applying for school safety grants can be difficult and stressful. That’s why we’ve gathered a few resources that we recommend anyone in the K-12 industry to check out. These organizations are designed to assist with applying for grant funding and provide other tools for educators and officials to utilize. has a very useful grant finder tool on their website, as well as support for mental health, training, and courses to improve school climate.
Visit has resources to connect with school safety partners through their site and a great deal of information about funding opportunities.
Greenlights Grant initiative is a resource that can help educators find and apply for school safety grants, as well as offering grant-writing for in need school districts.
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The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency provides a series of training products and assessments for the security of K-12 schools. Administrators can utilize these tools to ensure they're prepared.
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