ToolVox® XS Server Appliance

At the center of Code Blue's award winning emergency management platform for your blue light network, you will usually find some type of configured server. The ToolVox® XS is the perfect hardware appliance to deploy for almost any Help Point® ecosystem. This 1U rack-mountable server, combined with Blue Alert Software, provides the ability to effectively manage unique & real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. It also provides connections to PBX, public telephone (PSTN) and Internet (ISP) networks, in addition to third party security platforms.

A black server box

ToolVox® XV Virtual Machine

Sometimes combining the needs of an install with existing network infrastucture can be a daunting task. To help ease the pressure of these situations, the capability and power delivered by a server appliance can also be deployed in a virtual manner as well. The ToolVox® XV Vitual Machine allows the use of existing network hardware to be utilized as the central hub for your Blue Alert® software needs & eliminates the need to install an additional server appliance on site.

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