Rush Order Program


Rush Ordering

Effective July 1, 2021
Now, request a faster lead time on our most popular enclosure Help Points®. Our new Rush Order Program is offered on specific products (listed below), and maximum quantities will apply.

Rush Order
6 Day

For an 11% fee, have products manufactured and shipped
within 6 working days of placing an order.

Rush Order
16 Day

For a 6% fee, have products manfactured and shipped
within 16 working days of placing an order.

Order Eligibility



  • Order must be marked "Rush Order".
  • Only products listed below are eligible for Rush Order.
  • Fee will applied after the Reseller Discount is applied.
  • Maximum quantities apply (see below).
  • Account must be current, with an open line of credit.
  • Freight is invoiced by Code Blue and is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Order must be received by Code Blue before noon EST to count as the first day.
  • Subject to availability.

Products & Quantities

  • CB 1-e | 6 max
  • CB 1-s | 6 max
  • CB 2-e | 25 max (stainless steel only)
  • CB 4-s | 12 max
  • CB 4-u | 12 max
  • CB 5-p | 4 max
  • CB5-s | 4 max

Bezel Text

  • Push For Help
  • Emergency

Graphic Text

  • Emergency
  • Assistance

Graphic Text Color

  • Reflective Blue
  • Reflective White
  • Reflective Black

Paint Colors

  • Any Standard Color (No custom paint)


  • 24V, 120V, 240V, 277V, PoE.

Please email for more information.