Product Returns (RMA)

Code Blue strives to make the most reliable and effective emergency communication solutions on the market. However, if there is an issue with your product, please contact us to troubleshoot your issue. If the situation cannot be resolved, you will be given pre-approval and a call ticket number for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), which is the process of returning a product to receive a repair, replacement or refund.
Note: All returns are valid for 30 days. Any RMA returned after 30 days will be rejected and returned at the submitter’s expense, and a new RMA will need to be completed.

Contact Information

Before beginning the RMA process, please call Customer Service or Tech Support for pre-approval:

  • Toll-Free: 800-205-7186
  • Customer Service:
  • Technical Support:
  • * Please allow 2-4 weeks for repair and replacement processing. Returns will be processed in the order they are received, not by size, customer or RMA submission date.

    Submission Process

    The following information is required when filling out an RMA request (note: handwritten requests will not be accepted):
  • A Purchase Order number or filled-out Credit Card form for any repair charges and return freight
  • Type of return
  • Bill To and Ship To information
  • End User name
  • Item being returned and quantity (Note: Any additional items shipped to Code Blue that were not authorized for the return will be shipped back at your expense.)
  • Email address
  • Proof of Purchase such as Sales Order, Purchase Order or Order Number (if under warranty)
  • A copy of your new P.O. must be included with every RMA request. If it is not included, your request will be put on hold until it is received
    Code Blue will review requests and verify that all required information has been submitted. When your RMA has been approved, you will receive an email with a numbered Returns Authorization Form that is to be used as the packing slip. Approved RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from issue date and material must be returned within this time frame. All service items are covered by a 90-day limited warranty after the service date or the remaining original warranty period; whichever is longer.
  • Product Shipping

    All products must be returned to Code Blue in like new, saleable condition. It also must contain all parts and pieces that were included with the original shipment in order to receive any credit for returns. Repair fees will be applied for any damage.
    Products can be shipped to: 259 Hedcor Street, Holland, MI 49423.

    How to prepare your product for shipment:

  • Pack the item in its original packing, if possible, to protect against rough handling during transportation. You are responsible for this product until we receive it. If you do not have the original packing, please ensure the item is properly protected.
  • You are responsible for the shipping and insurance charges to ship the item to Code Blue.
  • Enclose a completed copy of the RMA form along with your proof of purchase in the package.
  • Be sure the RMA number is on the outside of the package (use the emailed authorization document as a packing label). Any returns that do not have a pre-approved RMA number noted on each box returned will not be accepted.
  • Guidelines

    Advance Replacement (In Warranty)
    Upon a customer Advance Replacement request, Code Blue enters the order, sends the customer an RMA, and ships the Advance Replacement component and invoices the customer. When the customer returns the original item, Code Blue will promptly issue credit. Net cost for the reconditioned product would be $0 (zero). Exception would be transient voltage or customer abuse. Customer pays all shipping costs. RMAs for orders within 30 days of shipment will receive new products; all others will receive reconditioned units when available.
    Advance Replacement (Out-of-Warranty)
    Code Blue enters an Advanced Replacement order by customer request sending an RMA, shipping the Advanced Replacement component, and invoicing the customer. When the customer returns the original item, Code Blue will promptly issue a core credit based on an itemized list. Customer pays all shipping costs. Core credit is not available for phones damaged by customers.
    Repair and Return (In Warranty)
    Customer requests an RMA for Repair & Return. Code Blue issues an RMA number and upon receipt of the product(s), repairs or replaces merchandise, and returns product(s) to customer. Item cost to repair would be $0 (zero). Exception would be transient voltage, customer abuse, or mod upgrades. Customer pays all shipping costs.
    Repair and Return (Out-of-Warranty)
    Customer requests an RMA for Repair & Return. Code Blue issues an RMA number and upon receipt of the product(s) repairs or replaces merchandise, and returns product(s) to the customer. Item cost would be a flat fee. Customer pays all shipping costs.

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