7 Product Lines. Millions of Possibilities.

Code Blue can offer you more choices than any other manufacturer. Choose from a variety of emergency phone towers and call boxes with the ability to customize to match any location.


Our features and options not only provide more choices, but also show our commitment to offering the most customizable products on the market. Whether it’s the appearance, design or technology, you have a nearly unlimited set of options to choose from.

Let your imagination be your guide.


What Is Your Infrastructure?

Select from a range of choices, including sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.
Maintain flexibility by placing devices where
phone or data lines may not be available.
Choose either VoIP or analog technology to provide effective two-way communication.

What Does It Need To Work With?

Public Address
Designed specifically so you can be sure that your message will be clearly heard across large distances.
Camera Integrations
Install cameras overhead or on a faceplate using one of our flexible mounting options.
Third Party Devices
We offer a number of customizable mounting options that boost your enclosure’s capabilities.

What Does It Need To Look Like?

Promote the use of your devices with a variety of graphic, language and bezel choices.
Add a distinctive touch that will optimize
the perfect look for your location.
We have the mounting options you need
to extend your security efforts.

Need a Custom Solution?

Whether it's the paint, graphics, configuration or more, we are happy to work with you to create exactly what you need.

Putting Durability to the Test

Our rugged designs can withstand intense levels of abuse, from natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods, to snowplows and other man-made hazards. See our products put to the test.

Our Product Lines

IP video camera, station beacon light
and ring lit buttons all in a compact package.
1 Series
The industry standard for emergency blue light phones is ideal for virtually any campus environment.
2 Series
Our most-popular line is a great choice for
parking decks, entrances and more.
4 Series
Cost-effective call boxes that are rugged and dependable
options for gates and building entrances.
5 Series
A slim, economical model that is a durable and
reliable option for parking applications.
6 Series
An economical, ADA-compliant solution for mounting
hands-free emergency speakerphones.
9 Series
Robust gatekeepers that are perfect for high-traffic areas, particularly drive-up or walk-up applications.