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Powering Your Safety Network Infrastructure

Code Blue’s Networking solutions are designed to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance of your safety systems. Our Network Platforms, including the Nebula Cloud Network, ToolVox™ XS Server, and ToolVox™ XV Virtual Machine, facilitate the connection of all Code Blue products, software, and services.

Whether connecting via analog or IP, cellular or wired, our Nebula Connect Devices and Network Converters ensure that your Code Blue units can be installed and connected anywhere. Explore our networking solutions and discover how Code Blue can power your safety infrastructure.

Code Blue Network Platforms

When you purchase Help Points® and our Blue Alert® Software Suite to manage them, Code Blue can provision the software and services over our cloud, a physical server, or a virtual machine.

These platforms facilitate the connection of all Code Blue products, software and services by providing a mode of transportation for them all to operate on.

Nebula Connect Devices

A Nebula Connect Device does exactly that: it connects you to Nebula. These routers are designed for specific applications depending on the solution you seek.

Analog or IP

In combination with our many converter options, any type of network can be converted to cellular and connect to our Nebula Cloud Services platform.

Cellular or Wired

The type of connection is up to you: Nebula Connect Devices can all connect via a wired communication line or a cellular one.

A small gray NEMA enclosure with the door posed open revealing a cellular fin on top and a Fusion Nebula router inside.

NEMA Enclosure Connect Device

Fusion Nebula router for Code Blue Help Points

Help Point® Connect Devices

Commercial & Enterprise Connect Devices

Learn More About Nebula Connect Devices

Blue Alert Provisioning Compatibility

Not all Blue Alert® Software can be delivered over a ToolVox™ XS Server or ToolVox™ XV Virtual Machine. However, Nebula Managed Cloud customers will always be able to get current and future software programs in the Blue Alert Suite.

CloudServer ApplianceVirtual Machine


Fusion Nebula cloud

ToolVox™ XS Server


A black server box

ToolVox™ XV VM

Fusion Virtual Machine

Blue Alert Monitor is Code Blue's Diagnostics and Monitoring Software for Help Point Phones.


Diagnostics and Monitoring

O Compatible

O Compatible

O Compatible

Blue Alert Connect is Code Blue's PBX Software


PBX Software

+ Optional Paging License

O Compatible

O Compatible

O Compatible

Blue Alert Motion is Code Blue's Event-Based Video Management Software


Video Management

O Compatible

X  Not Compatible

X  Not Compatible

Network Converters


Cellular network icon


Copper network icon


Ethernet network icon


Fiber network icon


Wireless network icon

The flexibility to place emergency communication solutions anywhere is essential for locations striving to create a safe atmosphere for people throughout large campus settings. Combining Code Blue products with Ethernet extenders and media converters, like those offered by Etherwan, AMG, & other manufacturers provides a flexible solution that can boost security and customer service regardless of distance and existing infrastructure.

We offer both network converters to ensure you can put a Code Blue unit on your campus regardless of your communication infrastructure. With Code Blue network converters, you can convert your phone line to ethernet, your fiber to a POTS phone line, your fiber to ethernet, or any number of other conversions.


Code Blue provides the following network converters:

  • Ethernet to Twisted Pair
  • Fiber to Ethernet
  • Network Switches Converter
  • Analog to IP
  • Fiber to Pots
  • Contact Closure over Ethernet

Talk to your Sales Rep or trusted Code Blue Reseller about your network needs to get the recommended converter for your emergency communications network.

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Extending Emergency Communication For Large Campus Settings