Your Path to Enhanced
Community Safety

Founded and Thriving in Tulip City

We were founded in 1989 and our headquarters is in Holland, Michigan. In collaboration with our trusted Technology Partners  and system integration partners, we are dedicated to being the “here to help” solution for the people.

Our Commitment to the Value-Add Future of Help Points

For the future, Code Blue is working toward bringing more services of value to and from our units for the property owner/operator and their staff, for the public on the property, and for those needing to quickly navigate the property and its buildings in an efficient manner. Also, Code Blue is dedicated to growing our product and solution offerings in-line with growing needs for variable power, communication, networking, technology, and services to be “help at the touch of a button, anywhere”.

Our Role in Your Security Story

At Code Blue, we don't just provide safety solutions - we work to transform the narrative of community security. From advanced communication systems to customized safety strategies, find out how we're making a difference, one innovative solution at a time.

Code blue leadership Team

At Code Blue, we are more than a team; we are a collective of innovative thinkers, dedicated creators, and passionate safety advocates. Meet the leadership team of individuals transforming community safety through cutting-edge technology.
Jim Monterusso

Chief Operating Officer

Portrait headshot of Jim Monterusso, Chief of Operations at Code Blue Corporation
David Salas

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait headshot of David Sales, Chief Financial Officer of Code Blue Corporation
John Plooster

Director of Sales

Portrait headshot of John Plooster, Director of Sales at Code Blue Corporation
Michael VanBuren

Director of Cloud Solutions

Portrait headshot of Michael VanBuren, Director of Cloud Solutions at Code Blue Corporation