Fusion Nebula®

Your Managed Cloud Platform

Run calls, video, data, and more on a secure VPN.

When your organization is preparing to onboard our Help Point® products andsolutions, one of the biggest concerns can be your network: How can you know for sure what network security risks these Help Point® phones might bring?

Being in the security industry – we get it. That’s why we’ve added Fusion Nebula® to our end-to-end solution: It’s a network off your network. Calls, video, software and data – along with anything else you want – can be moved to a separate Nebula network for ultimate piece of mind.


Blue Alert® Connect over our cloud network.

Now offering 4G/5G cellular data plans.

A secure VPN connection off your network.

Primary and failover communications.

Avoid trenching costs and leave cable behind.

Wired, wireless, or cellular connection.

A fully-managed cloud platform.