What is Nebula?

In simplest terms, Nebula is Code Blue's cloud-based platform that combines products & services to connect remote units, enable call routing, and provide diagnostics & reporting.

Another way of looking at it: It's a network off your network.

Why Cloud?

  • Network Security
  • Cloud-hosted PBX platform
  • Managed Services provide updates and ongoing maintenance
  • Automatic updates
  • Call routing options(call redirect)
  • Pre-configured devices
  • Lower up-front costs
  • Redundant connectivity

Cloud Ecosystem

  • Customizable Solution & Network Designs
    • Complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, & response technology.
  • Strengthening Security
    • Designed to provide a lifeline to request help and empower users to act quickly & intelligently before, during, and after an incident.
  • Enhancing Customer Service
    • Offer onsite assistance in situations that are not potentially dangerous and may not require traditional police or emergency personnel.
  • Managed Cloud Platform
    • Calls, video, software, data and much more can be moved to a separate Nebula network for ultimate peace of mind. 

Connection Options

  • 4G LTE/5G (Primary SIM Card)
  • 4G LTE/5G (Secondary SIM Card)
  • Wired Network Connection
  • Wireless Network Connection

Nebula Resources

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ServiceSpecificsManaged CloudEnterprise CloudPrivate Cloud
Cellular IPConnect remote Code Blue units via:Nebula networkNebula network only OR Nebula in combination with customer's local network.Customer's local network.
Cellular IPNetwork accessed by:Cellular IP and/or wired internet and encrypted, secure VPN tunnels.Cellular IP and/or wired internet and encrypted, secure VPN tunnels.Cellular IP
DataSIM Cards and Data Plans provided by:Code Blue, Reseller or CustomerCode Blue, Reselller or CustomerCode Blue, Reseller or Customer
Blue Alert SoftwareBlue Alert Connect and Monitor included, via:Nebula networkNebula cloud networkToolVox™ XS and ToolVox™ XV
SupportNetwork Support Hours for setup, configuration, and training.UnlimitedBucket of Time: 5, 7.5 or 10 hours.Bucket of Time: 5, 7.5 or 10 hours.
SupportOngoing network management, maintenance and monitoring by:Code BlueCode Blue and/or CustomerCustomer
TermsNebula Cloud PlatformSold per extension at 1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms.Single flat fee or sold per extension at 1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms.Not applicable
TermsCellular Data PlanSold per extension at 1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms.Sold per account at 1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms.1, 2, 3 or 5 year terms with Code Blue cellular data plan.

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