Area of Refuge

Emergency Phone System for Buildings
Code Blue's Area of Refuge (sometimes called Area of Rescue) emergency communication systems provide locations within a building with reliable two-way communication, allowing first responders to assist individuals who cannot evacuate or may require additional assistance.

Configuration Options



The LS1000, IP2500 or IP1500, SIP compatible VoIP speakerphones, can be installed into walls to provide help at the touch of a button. These speakerphones can be connected to Power over Ethernet switches and then registered to a Fusion Server, Code Blue's award-winning systems management platform.


IA4100 analog speakerphones can be connected to a patch panel and powered by a distributed power supply. An IAD will provide dial tone and connect to a Fusion Server and central station.

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Learn how Code Blue products can be configured to provide an Area of Refuge communication system for buildings.