2 Series Popularity Holds Strong For Many Locations

Code Blue’s industry pioneering emergency communication solutions come in an array of shapes and sizes that make them ideal for virtually any location, but it’s that 2 Series that has remained our most popular and economical line of Help Points®.

Why? For a variety of excellent reasons, including their durable steel construction, powerful lighting options and versatile options. Here’s what gives the three models available in the 2 Series distinct advantages:



CB 2-a: The newest addition to the 2 Series ushered in a new era of design for Code Blue. Built with the end user, property owner and installer in mind, the CB 2-a delivers a sleek profile that is slim enough to be ADA compliant on any wall, making it an ideal match for walkways with high visibility and traffic. Its lightweight yet highly durable two-piece construction also makes installation easy for a single person.





CB 2-e: Code Blue’s most-popular wall-mounted Help Point® is a staple in parking applications due to its rugged steel enclosure and powerful LED beacon/strobe light. It also features two notable options that are designed to boost safety and security: a powerful integrated public address speaker that can be used to deliver intelligible messages to a large audience and a temperature-controlled AED housing to assist individuals who are suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.





CB 2-s: This enclosure features three high-intensity lighting options – LED beacon/strobe, area and faceplate – to provide high visibility and act as a deterrent to potential crime. Improved lighting and visibility is one component of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a multi-disciplinary approach that seeks to create safer spaces through design principles and strategies.




The 2 Series remains an excellent choice for parking decks, dorm entrances, hallways and public transit centers. To learn more about the 2 Series, or any of Code Blue’s products, call 800-205-7186 or contact an authorized representative.