New features and options bolsters Code Blue’s industry leader status

As the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, Code Blue Corporation understands that as wants and needs change over time we need to continue to evolve as an organization.

That’s why we are rolling out a number of exciting new features and options that are designed to not only provide you with more choices, but also show our commitment to providing the most customizable products on the market. Whether it’s the appearance, design or technology, no one offers the same type of limitless options, amazing craftsmanship and competitive pricing as Code Blue.

Learn more about these new features or receive a quote by calling us at (800) 205-7186 or contacting your authorized Code Blue dealer:

New Custom Options

  • Customizable paint colors and vinyl graphics: Enhance visibility and match your organizational branding with any color scheme or design imaginable.
  • Customizable text for Help Points® and phone bezels: A benefit for international customers and anyone else who has found a unique use for our products.

New standard options

  •  Tiger Orange and Bright Silver: Two paint choices that have been popular custom requests.
  •  “Information” and “Help Point”: Increase the visibility and clarity of your security message with these new graphic text options.
  • Four-sided graphics: Enhance the visibility of your graphic text by placing them on the front, back and sides of your help point (available on select models).
  • Clear coating: Ensure enclosures and phones work like new in the harshest elements, particularly areas exposed to salt water.

New product options

  • CB 5-s: The Overhead Camera Mount and Strobe Cage are now available for this pedestal help point that has grown in popularity due to its sleek design and competitive price.
  • CB 6-p: The unique, high-density polyethylene surface mount is available in blue, red, black, green, white and the standard yellow.

With these new options and features, we also made sure to take the time to update and revise our order forms (available to authorized Code Blue Dealers and Representatives), A&E specifications and product sheets to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction. Please be sure to download your copies today.