Custom faceplates can enhance commitment to security

There’s no doubt that the Help Points from Code Blue Corporation provide a broad range of valuable functions, from protecting those in harm’s way to providing swift and intelligent alerts for first responders.

Different institutions, however, frequently have different needs and wants that enhance the versatility of those units. That’s precisely why custom faceplates now are available from Code Blue, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions.

In addition to standard paint and graphic choices, Code Blue has the option to customize your faceplate with any color or design. Additionally, a second faceplate can be made available for popular options like directory listings, security cameras, access control and other security devices. A blank stainless steel faceplate even can be manufactured for special applications to be completed by the customer.

An important advantage of any security device is the ability to provide a visible deterrent. By offering a product that can be emblazoned with organizational branding or tailored for specific requirements, Code Blue ensures that your commitment to security will be unquestioned and unmatched.

About Code Blue Corporation

Code Blue Corporation is the pioneer in developing and producing vandal-resistant Blue Light Emergency Phones installed in thousands of education, corporate, hospital, airport and municipal locations worldwide. Offering American-made Help Point®, Emergency Signaling, Incident Response and Systems Management solutions with full diagnostic capabilities, Code Blue helps keep you safe wherever you go.

Founded in 1989 to address the growing need for security solutions which integrated interactive voice with other common security technologies, Code Blue is the industry leader in emergency communication systems that are innovative, powerful, flexible, cost effective and durable.

Code Blue systems offer customers a level of incident deterrence and management that reduces expenses for costly patrolling and liability exposure, and increases sales, productivity and enrollment by establishing a safe environment for citizens.