Endless paint and graphics options can bolster your security visibility

Around the world, we may be known for our distinctive blue light emergency Help Points®, but there is much more to Code Blue than simply the hue that colors the ocean and the sky.

Our Help Points now can be easily customized with any color scheme and design you can imagine. Want to duplicate your school’s colors? We can do that. Want to include your company’s logo? We can do that. Want to add a distinctive touch to match your brand? We can do that too.

Code Blue understands that aesthetics and durability can play significant roles during the installation process. That’s why we use a single-stage, high solids polyurethane paint finish that is weather, UV and graffiti resistant.

Code Blue has long offered a variety of standard paint options, which now include Tiger Orange and Bright Silver, but the ability to design our Help Points with any color or graphic is easier than it’s ever been. That means your commitment to security will be even more visible within the community.

And through it all, they still stand guard as a deterrent and shine as a beacon for those in need.