Updated documentation maintains strong customer service

Part of maintaining Code Blue’s status as the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions is continually making everything is as up-to-date as possible.

That’s why, after receiving intelligent feedback from our sales channel and customers, we recently took some time to make subtle but significant revisions to much of our documentation.

The changes include:

  • Updated order forms, which are available to Code Blue authorized Dealers and Reps;
  • Revised A&E specifications;
  • Refurbished Product Sheets.

Please be sure to download your copies today. These revisions were designed to help Code Blue maintain its commitment to providing not only the best customer service, but the most recent information to ensure our products continue to have unmatched support.

About Code Blue Corporation

Code Blue Corporation is the pioneer in developing and producing vandal-resistant Blue Light Emergency Phones installed in thousands of education, corporate, hospital, airport and municipal locations worldwide. Offering American-made Help Point®, Emergency Signaling, Incident Response and Systems Management solutions with full diagnostic capabilities, Code Blue helps keep you safe wherever you go.

Founded in 1989 to address the growing need for security solutions which integrated interactive voice with other common security technologies, Code Blue is the industry leader in emergency communication systems that are innovative, powerful, flexible, cost effective and durable.

Code Blue systems offer customers a level of incident deterrence and management that reduces expenses for costly patrolling and liability exposure, and increases sales, productivity and enrollment by establishing a safe environment for citizens.