The Ask the Experts – Top Five Reasons Why IT Professionals Love Code Blue Solutions


Code Blue: Top Five Reasons Why IT Professionals Love Code Blue Solutions

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The Code Blue Upgrade Strategies Series aims to help System Integrators and Customers understand life cycle costs and operational benefits for a range of Solutions. 

This edition focuses on aspects of Code Blue Solutions that help strengthen partnerships with IT professionals and typically enable IT to advocate to support the customer’s overall mission, vote for new Code Blue Solutions, or help colleagues, as inside champions, see the value of IP-based Code Blue upgrades.

Please remember that Code Blue is always ready to help with any questions regarding our solutions. No one should feel like they are on an island. Together, we are a community dedicated to assisting Public Safety save lives.

Customer Partnerships

Before identifying the specific Top Reasons IT Professionals Love Code Blue Solutions, let’s explain a holistic approach for large or enterprise accounts and why it is important. Advocates should address how their solutions benefit all departments in an institution for several vital reasons. Many of these elements are especially true for IT leaders as they partner with Public Safety and are used to partnering with other departments:

  • Comprehensive Solution: When advocates demonstrate how proposed solutions can benefit key departments, they can address various institutional challenges.
  • Cost Efficiency: When a system can benefit multiple departments, rather than purchasing separate solutions for each department, the institution can streamline its operations and reduce expenses by adopting a single product that serves various purposes.
  • Increased Buy-In: When solutions positively impact many departments, it is more likely to gain buy-in from a broader range of institutional stakeholders. This can make securing the necessary approvals and funding for the purchase easier.
  • Competitive Advantage: In competitive markets, demonstrating how a solution benefits numerous departments shows a versatile and adaptable approach to the institution’s diverse needs, setting it apart from other offerings.

Aligning offerings with a customer’s holistic needs and objectives fosters a win-win for all parties. The graphic below is an example of a university setting showing strategic points of a holistic approach.

The top 5 things IT professionals love about Code Blue

Moving on to why IT Professionals Love Code Blue Solutions, regardless of when IT is engaged in the process, IT can become a powerful advocate and partner due to Code Blue’s experience, knowledge, and stack of solution offerings.

Here are the top five and most consistent IT considerations.

One – A network that respects the primary network.

Until IT understands our network architecture being a network off the primary grid and outside the firewall, many objections are typically raised by IT. Once IT understands this, Code Blue becomes an ally and a partner. It has excellent reasons to be “ON GUARD” as cyber threats to the core network are actual, every day, damaging, and sometimes bring digital operations to a halt. In a recent article from CSO Online, ransomware is discussed as a primary threat in the Higher Education market, yet almost all marketers are at high risk for cyber-attacks. Also, Nebula Cloud or any other system element doesn’t store Personal Identity Information. Just call records and account information – a big win for IT!

Two – Management through the Nebula Cloud.

In a recent article, Code Blue presented some of the virtues of the Nebula Cloud:

  • A complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, and responding technology.
  • It is a lifeline to people needing help and empowers your public safety team to act quickly and intelligently before, during, and after an incident.
  • Enhancing customer service, customers can offer onsite assistance in situations that are not potentially dangerous and may not require traditional police or 911 personnel.
  • A Managed Cloud Platform that is not behind a firewall – something that IT professionals will vouch for.
  • A network-off-your-network. Technicians can move calls, video, software, and data to a separate Nebula network for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Automatic updates, redundant connectivity, and so much more are configurable.
  • Code Blue eliminates any need for a server and associated life cycle maintenance.

IT professionals love the cloud for many reasons, provided the application and hosting are secure. Some of the drivers here are corporate or holistic plans and goals. IT pros typically like to help others know the benefits of cloud built-in upgrades, redundancy, new features, and many more. In an article from ISACA, the authority for cyber-IT credentialing, Jon Rav G. Shende MSc., CISM, FBCS, and CITP discussed rewards and risks. For many institutions, the rewards outweigh the risks, which can be mitigated, as evidenced by the continued shift to the cloud.

Three – AWS powers the Nebula Cloud.

These are just a few reasons IT looks to AWS for the cloud. As we discussed earlier herein, security is always a primary IT concern.

Code Blue chose the AWS product due to its robust feature set and platform to address security! Although customers do not have to manage AWS directly, it is good for stakeholders to understand why AWS?

With AWS, you can gain the control and confidence you need to run your organization with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment. Improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality, with AWS’s comprehensive services and features.

  • Identity & Access Management – Securely manage access to workloads and applications.
  • Detection – Continuously monitor network activity and account behavior.
  • Network and Application Protection – Enforce fine-grained security policy at every network control point.
  • Data Protection – Build with comprehensive data protection in the cloud.
  • Incident Response – Investigate potential security issues and automate remediation responses.
  • Compliance – Provide a comprehensive view of your compliance status.

The following network diagram depicts the IT-preferred approach (from points 1-3):

Four – A perfect design to fit each department’s responsibilities.

IT leaders typically formulate this value proposition swiftly. IT can do standard network health diagnostics for operational network segments or IP points outside the core network. Security can run the diagnostics and monitoring response for the actual Code Blue System, and Maintenance can take care of all non-network, cabling, power, and physical repairs. That is precisely what IT wants.

Five – Innovative solutions through Cellular VoIP.

VoIP emergency phones are aligned with IT mandates to move institutions and enterprises to the Cloud. Click here for a HubSpot article about general and future VoIP capabilities and considerations.

Code Blue, VoIP, emergency phone solutions, offers a range of advanced features such as diagnostics (16 health checks), video calling, easy integration with other security systems, unlimited scalability, and more.

VoIP emergency phones can be easily moved or reconfigured as they rely only on Code Blue network connectivity and cellular backup, not a cable run.


Please keep this summation in mind:

  • IT is a great partner when informed.
  • Strategically, research and communicate with all stakeholders what’s in it for them.
  • Five Most Common Points for IT – Why They Love Code Blue Solutions!

We hope the Code Blue Team has helped you understand why IT can become a great partner, if not already, and Why IT Loves Code Blue Solutions! Please consider contacting Code Blue for help ( to make your Code Blue Solutions come to life!