Blue Alert® Connect is a powerful PBX Solution, allowing you to route your calls to 911, a dispatch desk, a mobile device, or another number of your choice. Generating dial tones to all of your Help Point® speakerphones, setting up emergency paging notifications, and the ability to combine Analog & IP technologies for seamless communication are some of the primary features Blue Alert® has to offer. 

Blue Alert® Connect is available for both the ToolVox® XS Server Appliance,ToolVox® XV Virtual Machine, & Nebula Cloud applications.


One of the most commonly questions asked about deploying Code Blue Help Points® is "How do I manage & maintain all of these units?". Blue Alert® Monitor is the answer to that question. Blue Alert® Monitor gives you the ability to schedule & run tests for connected devices to ensure proper functionality of components such as speakers, buttons, & microphones. This provides reassurance that your product is functioning properly, as well as quick notifications when something is not operating correctly. The remote monitoring capabilities allow you to reduce or eliminate the need for performing manual checks. 

Blue Alert® Monitor is available for both the ToolVox® XS Server Appliance, ToolVox® XV Virtual Machine, and Nebula Cloud applications

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