No single technology on its own can provide the complete answer to the complex needs of public safety.  We have engineered a platform designed help K-12 schools address gun violence at outdoor sports facilities, parking lots, and connecting walkways. Our unique bundled solution combines visual gun identification, audible gunshot detection, emergency calling and audio paging speakers in our signature CB 1-s Help Point®.  All these features are delivered via cellular connection by our Nebula cloud platform.

Our Blue Alert Overwatch® system delivers Code Blue’s well-known emergency calling and audio paging solutions in a package that also includes advanced analytics to help detect and prevent gun violence in places where all of these capabilities deliver value in a single package.  Outdoor sporting events and connected parking areas are examples where the need for these features has been growing.  Working together, the capabilities of this system provide schools and property owners a variety of notification and communications options that can be tailored to a site’s specific needs.  Talk to your Code Blue sales representative today to learn how the features of this machine-learning enhanced system can improve layered security plans at your location.

Emergency Phone

Audio Paging

Visual Gun Detection

Audible Gun Shot Detection


  • Integrates with common campus & site management platforms.
  • Extends productivity and coverage of campus security staff before, during, & after an event.
  • Designed at a cost within reach of any school that needs safer sports facilities, parking lots, or other high-traffic areas.
  • Camera-agnostic and scalable so gun detection coverage can be optimized for each site.

Integration Power





Blue Alert Overwatch works with other Blue Alert software solutions and can be supplemented with additional (existing or new) camera placements* for improved video coverage. These devices, along with any of our Help Points® can all run on our Nebula cloud platform.

*Cameras must be NDAA compliant in order to be approved for deployment on Code Blue’s Nebula cloud platform. 

What makes
Blue Alert Overwatch™

It is no secret today that options for gun detection are growing rapidly.  The answer to what makes Blue Alert Overwatch™ different from others is found in Code Blue’s long history of public safety communications.  Our gun detection and other Active Presence™ technologies are designed to deliver a bundle of public safety communication tools working together to fit the needs of a specific site.  A Code Blue tower and supporting hardware and software are designed to be pillars of public safety ensuring that visitors receive a higher standard of care on campuses where Code Blue solutions are deployed.

Learn more about Blue Alert Overwatch­™ by reading our latest Ask The Experts article.

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