Video: Attention to Detail Goes All the Way to the Button

There are any number of reasons why Code Blue is able to provide help at the touch of a button® – and one of the biggest has to do with the very button itself.

The piezoelectric data buttons that Code Blue uses for its industry leading Help Points® and emergency speakerphones is a high-tech solution that ensures individuals are able to make direct contact with first responders when assistance is needed most and seconds matter.

When Code Blue’s buttons are pressed, a corresponding change is voltage is instantly produced that triggers an alert that is quickly delivered to first responders. Because the buttons are not mechanical and contain no moving parts that can jam, stick or deteriorate over time, Code Blue products are able to efficiently and effectively offer dependable communication.

Other advantages of Code Blue’s buttons include:

Self-diagnosing: Alerts are instantly sent if there is an issue or malfunction, meeting UL 2017 standards for emergency signaling
Durability: Vandal-resistant and able to withstand the harshest environmental elements
Reliability: Eliminates false activations and switch failure due to motion, friction, dirt, moisture, ice or vandalism
Practicality: Activation can be made with dry, wet or gloved hands or virtually any tool
Connectivity: Not only is it entirely potted and sealed, but it requires no current to operate and works on either AC or DC power

It’s this level of attention to detail that makes Code Blue the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions. Whether it’s the speaker, phone or paint, we strive to handcraft all of our products with care to ensure that when the time comes and you push the button, it works – every time.