Presenting the CB 2-a Help Point®

The CB 2-a is an advanced wall-mounted Help Point that ushers in a new era of design for Code Blue. Built with the end user, property owner and installer in mind, the CB 2-a brings together a litany of features unavailable in other products on the market. From multiple power and communication choices to numerous paint and graphic choices, the CB 2-a can be configured to match the needs of any environment.

The CB 2-a Earns All "A"s!

Attractive Design
Constructed of premium stainless steel, the CB 2-a delivers a sleek yet highly visible profile.
Accessible for All
The CB 2-a is slim enough to be ADA compliant on any wall, making it an ideal match for walkways.
Attaches with Ease
Its lightweight yet highly durable two-piece construction makes installation easy for a single person.
Affordable Price
Even with an advanced design, the
CB 2-a is more cost effective that our top-selling CB 2-e wall mount.

S-2000: Available in Each CB 2-a

With 21 programmable flash rates and up to 275 flashes per minute, this energy efficient and high output beacon/strobe has everything our iconic S-1000 has but in half the space.

Technical Features

• Height: 29.79” (75.66 cm)
• Width: 11.90” (30.23 cm)
• Depth: 4” (10.16 cm)
• Weight: 25 lbs. (11.34 kg)
• Material & thickness: 0.105” stainless steel
• IP5000: Full duplex, SIP compatible VoIP phone
• IA4100: Analog full duplex phone
• Beacon/strobe
• LED faceplate light
• Standard: 12-24V AC/DC
• Optional: 120-240V AC, 277V AC
• Optional: Power over Ethernet
• Standard: Side Graphics
• Optional: Front Graphic
• Optional: Standard Paint Color
• Optional: Custom Paint and Graphics

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