Redesigned CB 2-e More Economical, Easier To Install

Code Blue is pleased to announced that the CB 2-e has been redesigned to make it easier to install and more economical.

One of Code Blue’s most popular wall-mounted Help Points®, the CB 2-e now will feature a lightweight, two-piece design that makes installation and maintenance easy for a single person. Additionally, it delivers a 4-inch depth that is slim enough to be ADA compliant on any wall, making it an ideal match for high-traffic areas like parking garages and building entrances.

Additional features for the new-and-improved CB 2-e that will be available starting January 1, 2020 include:

  • Slimmed down to ADA-compliant 4-inch depth
  • Two-piece construction for easy installation
  • Lighter gauge stainless steel
  • Economical
  • Short lead times
  • Available in wet coat paint colors or optional powder coat safety blue

Our Legacy CB 2-e design also will remain available as modification, along with the public address and AED housing options.

For more information on all of our 2 series Help Points, click here or download this flyer.