Centry® Help Point® Is More Than Just A Phone

You might be tempted to think of Centry®, Code Blue’s newest Help Point®., as nothing more than just another phone. But it’s not. Why? Because it’s so much more than that. For one thing, its compact size and contemporary design makes it an excellent option for a wide range of indoor and outdoor locations, like building entrances, lobbies, concourse, terminals, hallways and more. It does place calls and will quickly connect you when help at the touch of a button is needed. But phones don’t smile, like Centry does with its unique station beacon light that brings the visibility of a blue light emergency phone indoors. Phones also don’t look out to keep you safe, like Centry does with an IP color camera that can monitor those needing assistance at your location. Centry also maintains the traditions synonymous with all of our Help Points, including durability and versatility. Centry may be our smallest Help Point, but it’s much more than just a phone. To learn more, call 800-205-7186 or contact a Code Blue representative.