Cornell University Embraces Versatility of Blue Light Phones

mit-boston-ma-2There’s no question that durable emergency communication solutions such as blue light phone towers and call boxes can provide reliable and efficient help during potentially dangerous situations, but locations are quickly realizing the advantages associated with their versatility and flexibility.

In addition to giving people the ability to swiftly notify authorities in emergency situations, physical security devices like Help Points® can be utilized for a number of nonemergency situations, such as requesting help after locking your keys in the car or a tourist asking for directions. A number of emergency speakerphones also are equipped with contact closures that can assist with access door and gate communication.

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, is one example of an educational location looking to expand the use of its blue light phones. The university recently encouraged its campus community to use the Code Blue emergency communication devices located throughout campus to request late-night escorts during the fall and spring semesters after a stabbing near campus. The university subsequently increased the availability and visibility of its “Blue Light Escort Teams.”

“When a Blue Light Escort is requested, two members of the Cornell University Police Auxiliary accompany any member of the Cornell community or visitor to destinations on campus or near campus,” Cornell University’s website states. “If you are riding a bus, they will wait with you at the stop until the bus arrives. Blue Light Escorts are members of the Cornell community hired and trained by Cornell Police. Each escort wears a highly visible uniform and is in direct radio contact with Cornell Police.”

This is another example of the way Code Blue can help enhance security of virtually any location, from universities like Cornell to hospitals, airports, parking lots and more. Even if your safety isn’t necessarily in peril, our products are here to help – all at the touch of a button.