Code Blue Statement Regarding Coronavirus


HOLLAND, MICHIGAN – Code Blue Corporation continues to closely monitor the latest news and announcements regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Although a “Shelter in Place” executive order has been given for the State of Michigan, it has been determined that Code Blue products are necessary for a number of critical infrastructure projects. As a result, Code Blue will continue to manufacture products and ship orders as scheduled.

While the ongoing situation is difficult, we are still here to help. In addition to allowing several employees to work remotely, we also are taking appropriate safety measures in our headquarters during the manufacturing process to maintain a safe environment.

However, safety remains our No. 1 priority. That not only includes our customers and business partners, but our employees, their families and the greater West Michigan community. As the United States and Michigan continue to navigate and respond to our current situation, new developments may impact our company. If that occurs, we will work to mitigate and communicate any delays as best we can.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at Thank you for your understanding. And we hope you stay safe and healthy in the coming weeks and months.

“If you are struggling with decisions made on your behalf or your own decisions, then please allow the Lord to remind you that there is no greater thing you can do than putting the lives of others before your own,” Code Blue CEO David Cook said.

About Code Blue Corporation
Safety has always been the No. 1 priority for Code Blue Corporation. Located in Holland, Michigan, the industry pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions provides assistance to people by handcrafting products that are reliable and accessible. From our iconic blue light phone pedestals to our award-winning software, we help people feel safe by offering durable and visible security solutions that provide help at the touch of a button, while assisting first responders before, during and after an incident with a complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, archiving and responding technology.