Craftsmanship A Core Value For Code Blue

Craftsmanship remains a key influence on whether or not a customer will purchase your product. Food, furniture and clothing are three examples of items where people will frequently choose a quality handcrafted product or one that is tailored specifically for them rather than something that is mass produced.

An article in interiors+sources magazine recently highlighted this specific desire:

“It is no coincidence, then, that we’re living in a time of renewed appreciation for craftsmanship.”

That preference even extends to emergency communication solutions.

At Code Blue, we understand that quality should not be sacrificed for value. Quality and performance are unequivocally intertwined. That is why every product is handcrafted with the utmost care and dedication to ensure that it remains working like the day it rolled off the production line. From our quarter-inch-thick steel to the four-coat paint process to the piezoelectric buttons installed in our emergency speakerphones, we pay attention to every component and detail to be sure each product fills the specific needs of your location.

We also are more than happy to add a distinctive touch or help you integrate with another security device. Code Blue has customized thousands of our products to fit the unique and varied requirements of our customers, who are looking for security devices that are not only effective and efficient, but suitable for their surroundings. Whether it’s the paint, graphics, configuration or more, we are happy to work with you to create the right solution.

Want to add a distinctive touch to your Help Point® or integrate it with another security device? We can do that. Just let us know.