No Detail Too Small For Code Blue

We strive to bring a handcrafted feel to all of Code Blue’s products so they work years later just like the day they rolled off the production line. For example, our reflective, industrial grade graphics are optimized for swift visibility and comprehension, and by rotating them 90 degrees, as we do, research has shown that you will be able to read the text faster. Or there’s the fact that all of our products are manufactured in accordance with the latest codes and regulations, including UL 2017, which identifies phones that are self-monitoring to ensure they are always available to provide assistance.

Here are a few more examples that illustrate the care and dedication we devote to all of our products.



An intensive four-coat paint process begins with a zinc rich primer that provides excellent corrosion resistance and ends with a baked-on enamel that ensures long-lasting protection.



Our touch-sensitive data buttons utilize piezoelectric technology that are self-monitoring and contain no moving parts so they won’t stick or jam or deteriorate over time.



Our LED beacon/strobe provides 270 Lumens (92 candela) of light. What does that mean? You will be able to easily see our light shining bright – even in direct sunlight. Too intense? Don’t worry, we offer numerous brightness and flash settings that will be able to match your needs.



Tornadoes, vehicles, hurricanes. Our quarter-inch cold rolled steel and high grade stainless steel enclosures have withstood these tests, and other manmade or natural forms of punishment, to stand tall and ready to make the call.