Dual Curb Mount Option Now Available

The feedback we receive from our customers and partners helps us continue to develop new and improved products that can provide you with help at the touch of a button. For example, as the result of several recent orders and the growing popularity of using emergency communication solutions in places like parking lots and garages, Code Blue is now happy to offer a dual mount option to our free-standing Curb Mount. This gives more locations the ability to easily install our industry pioneering call boxes and emergency speakerphones in more versatile and customized ways.

Code Blue’s Curb Mount accessories are ideal for drive-up or walk-up applications, accommodating vehicles that are either regular car height or taller, like delivery trucks, to help you monitor those coming and going at your location.

Both the single and dual Curb Mounts can be used with the following enclosures: CB 4-s, CB 4-r and CB 6-s. Code Blue also offers a Curb Mount option that can be used with IP2500 VoIP speakerphones.

To learn more about the Curb Mount, or any of Code Blue’s accessories and upgrades, please click here or call 800-205-7186.