Code Blue Releases Enhanced Versions of ToolVox, Blue Alert MNS

HOLLAND, MI (January 14, 2015): Code Blue, the industry pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, has released a series of updates to its award-winning Blue Alert® and ToolVox® platforms.

These updates feature a number of enhancements that will provide customers with improved functionality and efficiency, including new custom features and parameters.

New features in ToolVox, Code Blue’s dynamic systems management platform, include updated administration settings and backups that allow customers to control multiple end points at once, reducing programming time and making the software even more user friendly. Blue Alert MNS, Code Blue’s sophisticated mass notification software, also received updates that allow users to send notifications or additional preprogrammed automation activities through a button press on a Code Blue emergency speakerphone. For example, a speakerphone could be used to activate other emergency communication products in a manner similar to a “panic button” alarm.

Additionally, integration configurations are now available for Alertus , an industry leader in unified facility notifications, and Rave Mobile Safety, a trusted software partner for campus and public safety. Via preset configurations in the custom web service tool of Blue Alert MNS, notifications now can be easily delivered to their platforms.

To learn more about these new features, call 800-205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue representative.

Additional updates include:


  • Upgrades and updates will be performed in the background with progress displayed while working.
  • Speakerphones will retain default settings after being restarted.
  • Speakerphone settings can be changed either one at a time or in bulk.
  • An overview of installed Code Blue IP devices and the current status of any auxiliary ports can be viewed and updated in real time.
  • The Code Blue SDK (Software Development Kit) provides additional functionality and customization opportunities.
  • Previous settings and versions can be restored and backed up more easily.
  • Multiple masks can be added to provide a wider network search range.

Blue Alert MNS:

  • A new dispatch alert status panel allows users to view the current status of alerts and a list of past alerts.
  • An HTTP authentication allows for additional third party integration.
  • FTP and SFTP protocols are available, along with new features that will allow customers to customize the software for their location.
  • Updated CAP alert XML parameters will provide more information.
  • Additional safeguards and protocols intended to prevent accidental inputs or triggered events.