ETL Mark remains vital component for security products

Code Blue Corporation, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, has long worked to make sure that a wide variety our products meet the requirements necessary to apply the ETL mark for certification to the UL 2017 Standard.

SDM Magazine recently published an article on its website that highlights Intertek, the company behind the ETL mark, and the vital work it does in the security industry. From the article:

SDM: Can you describe Intertek and the services it provides to the life safety and security industry?

Tom Connaughton, Global Director of Life Safety and Security Devices: Standards outlined by organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are constantly evolving to ensure consumers are protected. To gain market access, manufacturers must provide code officials with evidence that their products have been properly tested and comply with these current safety requirements. …”

This important regulation includes identifying emergency speakerphones as self-monitoring to ensure they are always available to provide assistance for those who need it. That means Code Blue’s series of Help Points® meet this high standard.

It’s one of the extra steps that Code Blue takes to be sure that our products are ready to assist you wherever you go, whenever you need it.