Code Blue Products Help Fairfield University Remain Proactive About Security

Code Blue, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, understands the need to remain proactive when it comes to safety and security plans.

Public safety officials at Fairfield University recently reviewed their policies after a foiled terror plot targeting universities. According to a WTNH-TV story, the school is remaining vigilant, especially after a 2002 incident, when a 24-year-old former student stormed a classroom and claimed he had a bomb, taking a professor and 27 students hostage before surrendering to police. More than a decade later, safety and security remains a top priority on the campus, where many pedestal and wall-mounted Help Points® from Code Blue can be found.

“Having measures in place like CCTV cameras, Code Blue telephones, things of that nature, are important to college campuses,” Associate Director of Public Safety Frank Ficko told the TV station.

“Policy is in place and reviewed it is all about preparation and reviewing the policies constantly.”

Code Blue is dedicated to providing a wide range of diverse emergency communication solutions that can bolster the safety and security at college and university environments. To learn more about how Code Blue can benefit your location, call (800) 205-7186 or contact an authorized Code Blue Representative.