Code Blue’s four-coat paint process make Help Points stand out

There’s a reason why Code Blue Help Points® have long been distinguished by the luster and vibrancy of their finish. Every detail of the paint process is diligently followed to ensure that each product is not only good looking, but simultaneously can withstand the harshest natural and man-made elements.

The intensive four-coat process begins with a one-component organic zinc rich primer that provides excellent corrosion resistance for the cold rolled steel that is used for our enclosures. The paint process is finished with topcoat baked-on polyurethane enamel for maximum durability and shine.

The end result is a long-lasting finish that is weather, graffiti and UV resistant, and capable of maintaining its brilliance long after installation.

From the superior paint process to the trademarked cylindrical design, no one offers the same level of beauty and toughness as Code Blue.

Code Blue offers 12 standard colors and will match Pantone and other swatch colors. Durable custom paint, graphics and logos also can be applied to provide a personalized look for specific locations.

To learn more about Code Blue’s paint options, call Customer Service at (800) 205-7186 or email