How Code Blue
Helps Healthcare

Minutes matter when it comes to healthcare, and Code Blue understands that it’s vital to have the split-second ability to connect with employees, staff and visitors in a clear and comprehensive manner. The presence of these emergency communication solutions provides the peace of mind people expect from a healthcare environment.

Customers include:


Children's of Alabama

A wide array of Help Points accommodate more than 600,000 patients annually.

Kaiser Permanente

Dozens of wall-mount units can be found at its California, Oregon, Colorado and Virginia locations.

Cleveland Clinic

Our sophisticated software monitors the parking lots, which handle 5 million visitors each year.
“You can’t put a price on safety.”
- Quentin Jude, Navicent Health Police Department Chief

Popular Healthcare Products


CB 1-s Help Point®

The CB 1-s is our most-popular pedestal Help Point. Highlighted by a high intensity area light that provides added visibility, this blue light emergency tower provides direct contact with first responders and is an excellent choice for walkways, parking lots, open campus areas and more.

CB 2-e Help Point®

The CB 2-e is Code Blue’s most popular wallmounted Help Point®. Highlighted by a high intensity LED beacon/strobe that provides high visibility and is a deterrent to potential crime, and a hands-free emergency speakerphone for direct communication with first responders, it can extend security efforts to parking decks, entrances, hallways and more.

Blue Alert® MNS

Blue Alert MNS can deliver alerts about potentially dangerous situations, like extreme weather conditions or active shooters, through multiple platforms, including public address speakers.