Hope College Investment Strengthens Safety, Security

Code Blue’s dedication to safety and security for all individuals extends to thousands of diverse locations around the world – and certainly includes our hometown of Holland, Michigan.

Code Blue representatives recently worked with members of Hope College on a project to both install new Help Points® and upgrade the existing emergency communication devices that currently reside on campus.

Hope College is a private, liberal arts institution that serves more than 3,200 students near downtown Holland. As the campus continues to expand and grow with new buildings and facilities, the college remains dedicated to providing resources designed to help students, faculty, staff and visitors.

“While most students and employees use their cell phones to call our department, we would be remiss to believe that everyone has access to a phone when they need assistance,” Hope College Campus Safety Assistant Director Jason Guthaus told The Holland Sentinel. “Additionally, we know that people have reduced manual dexterity in stressful or dangerous situations which can make using a cell phone incredibly difficult, while the single button on the Code Blue pedestal remains easy to use.”

Hope College’s Campus Safety department also wants people to know that they are welcome to push the button on the speakerphones whenever help is required.

“We encourage members of the campus community to use the pedestals whenever they need assistance, even for something as simple as needing a jump start for their car,” Guthaus said.

To learn more about how Code Blue’s emergency communication solutions can benefit your location, click here or call 800-205-7186.