IP Technology Remains Popular For Emergency Communication

The demand for emergency communication products continues for organizations that are finding new and diverse ways to apply the technology to their locations. Help Points® and speakerphones still have the flexibility and functionality to provide a wide array of uses, which gives people the ability to ask for help for incidents that can range from potentially life-threatening situations to customer service-related requests like car trouble or malfunctioning parking gates.

This topic was covered in the August issue of SDM Magazine, specifically focusing on the advantages of IP technology:

“If you have walked on almost any college or hospital campus, or visited a secondary school in the past several years, chances are you have seen a proliferation of both “blue light” emergency stations and entry control intercoms. Safety and security have always been a priority for these facilities, and these types of products are very popular options. However, changes in technology in recent years have vastly altered the landscape on the sales and installation sides, as well as the functionality of the systems themselves. Much like video, which moved quickly from analog to IP, the entry control intercom and emergency station market also has been revolutionized by the advent of IP networks.”

Code Blue Marketing Operations Manager Michael Zuidema was quoted in the article, first discussing the importance of integration:

“Providing increased levels of flexibility and interoperability — without sacrificing reliability — can help boost safety and security.”

Scalability – or future-proofing – also is an important factor to consider with emergency communication solutions.

 “Focus on scalability,” Zuidema says. “End users can start small and grow their emergency communication system in the future as the needs and requirements of their locations change and technology evolves. Whether it is a new installation or an expansion of an existing project, it is important to accurately detail the function of each [station]. New products should seamlessly integrate with existing, while also identifying potential future work. Layering emergency communications devices with other security products, such as video cameras, access control or public address systems, will also require you to pay particular attention to integration.”

Code Blue, of course, offers a wide range of products designed to not only provide help at the touch of a button, but empower individuals to act quickly and intelligently before, during and after an incident. To download Code Blue’s current catalog or learn more, fill out the form below.