Benefits of switching to LED becoming more apparent

LED technology has been touted as the future of lighting for a wide number of reasons, from economics to the environment and everything in between.

Building Operating Management Magazine touched upon LED’s growing popularity in a recent article written by Eric Richman, a senior research engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The article not only outlines the positives that come with switching to LED, but it also lists the information needed to ensure facilities will be able to realize these benefits.

“LED technology does have the potential for very high efficacy (more lumens of light per watt of power) when compared to other lighting sources, which can translate to great energy savings. LED products can last a long time, which can mean much reduced maintenance costs. And LEDs are considered easily controllable, adding even more potential savings.”

Code Blue Corporation, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, understands the key advantages of LED. That’s why it released the S-1000 LED Beacon/Strobe, a high intensity and emergency efficient light that’s available both in its signature line of Help Points® and as a remote option. The S-1000 provides 270 Lumens (92 candela) of light, making it highly visible even in direct sunlight, and up to 375 flashes per minute. Since it is the same footprint as the previous lights, the S-1000 also is easy to retrofit for existing units.

Retrofitting units with older lights – like those with the high-pressure sodium variety, for example – is becoming increasingly popular, according to Richman’s article.

“A lot of retrofitting has been done in streets, roadways, and parking areas that are lighted mostly at night. These applications are well suited to LED technology primarily because LED directionality can be exploited to provide light where it is needed, while limiting light trespass and wasted energy, and because of the general absence of surrounding heat that can degrade LED performance.”

Those areas frequently contain Code Blue Help Points and call boxes, making the switch to LED a move worth considering.