Regular Maintenance Will Improve LED Investment

The popularity of LED lighting only continues to increase as more and more places discover a litany of advantages, including reduced maintenance costs, increased lifespan and improved environmental considerations.

While LED lighting is no doubt more efficient and powerful than its predecessors, regular maintenance is still key to ensuring your location continues to reap the benefits and see a return on your investment. A recent article published by Facilities Maintenance Decisions Magazine outlines a number of reasons why LEDs require a consistent maintenance schedule, including the ability to maximize savings, extend equipment life and reducing risk and liability.

“Because LED manufacturers have done a good job promoting the benefits of the technology, there is a myth that LEDs last forever with no maintenance. Unfortunately, it is just not true. … a lighting system still needs regular upkeep to operate at full potential, and a lighting expert will always suggest a preventive maintenance program as part of a lighting system upgrade.”

Code Blue has strived to embrace the advantages of LED lighting in its emergency communication solutions. Our LED strobe, area and faceplate lights provide high visibility and energy efficiency for our industry leading Help Points®, while also serving as a beacon to those in need and a deterrent to potential crime.

As the article points out, there are many reasons to improve lighting at your location. Establishing a visible security system is one easy-but-necessary step, but the work doesn’t end with installation.

“A well-lit facility is more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and safe, making it more attractive to tenants. And the new high-efficiency lighting technology is much more reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective than before, which aligns it with corporate and occupant mandates and initiatives.”

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