Growth of LED lighting poised to continue in 2014

Code Blue, the industry leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions, works diligently to update all of our products with the latest technology.

It’s why we released the S-1000 LED Beacon/Strobe, a high intensity and energy efficient light, in 2013. In addition to burning bright even in direct sunlight, it has low power consumption, which allows you to save both money and the environment.

Those benefits are one reason why the Blendon Group listed LED lighting as one of the five technologies to follow in 2014 in a recent blog post.

LED Lighting – While costs of LED lighting are decreasing, we need to see a more significant drop to spark widespread adoption. …

 “The best part of the LED emergence? Look for dramatic growth in the associated sensors for energy management. These systems can both send and receive data about energy consumption, daylight harvesting, and occupancy; and will eventually become the norm.”

To learn more about the S-1000, which is available in all of our Help Points® and as a Remote Mount, email or contact an authorized Code Blue dealer.