Location identification remains key advantage of blue light phones


There’s a lot cellular phones can do these days, but they aren’t moving any closer to completely replacing Blue Light Phones as the lone source of contact with first responders during emergency situations in campus environments.

Sure, everyone seems to have the latest and greatest cell phone, but a recent survey conducted by the Find Me 911 Coalition shows that the majority of people incorrectly assume that dialing 911 will be enough information to provide first responders.

“According to the survey, two-thirds of cell phone owners (66 percent) believe that cell phone companies can help emergency responders locate them at least to the block level, if they call 9-1-1 from inside their homes. Only 6 percent of cell phone owners correctly knew that the location information would likely only be accurate to the neighborhood level or worse.”

Pinpoint location data is vital during emergency incidents, when seconds count and safety is in question. Fortunately, Code Blue’s industry leading emergency communication solutions can provide precisely the kind of detailed information that can help guide first responders to where help is needed.

When an individual presses the button on a Help Point®, that unit’s location is instantly relayed to operators, while the hands-free speakerphone allows communication to continue without hindering response time – or worrying about cell signals jamming, batteries dying or calls being dropped.

The best strategy for safety and security really is a layered approach, one that combines both cell phone technology and mobile apps with blue light phones to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible. And when the additional capabilities of Help Points are factored in – requesting car assistance, asking for directions, officer escorts at night, etc. – it becomes even more clear that blue light phones are far from an outdated technology.

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