Public Address Systems Need To Be Both Loud And Clear

A potent public address system is an important component in successful emergency communication and mass notification systems, especially for education settings.

The ability to quickly and effectively communicate with large audiences has the potential to save lives during emergency situations. However, one of the key components to ensuring people receive vital information is delivering messages that are both loud and clear.

A recent article in Campus Safety Magazine outlined exactly why this is important:

Audibility simply refers to the volume of the message. Is the volume so low given the ambient sounds of students and staff socializing and talking during passing periods that you can’t tell that someone is making an announcement?

Intelligibility refers to the clarity of the message. Can the message easily be understood? If you can tell someone is making an announcement but you can’t understand what they are saying, then the message is unintelligible.

Some PA systems have great audibility but no intelligibility while others have great intelligibility but no audibility.

This helps illustrate why Code Blue offers public address speakers that provide powerful and intelligible notifications to large audiences. Our 360-degree, six-speaker, 400-watt PAS design is a reliable option that can communicate effectively over large distances. Additionally, Code Blue speakerphones can be used to play messages and deliver announcements for an additional layer of communication. Code Blue is dedicated to providing solutions that can bolster safety and security at virtually any location. From our industry pioneering Help Points® to our mass notification software, we strive to offer systems and products that allow you to reach broad audiences in an effective and efficient manner.

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