Five Reasons To Go IP With Your Emergency Communications

Download a flyer on making the transition to IP.

With legacy systems already in place at many locations, it can be difficult to decide to take the leap into IP (Internet Protocol) technology. However, IP emergency communication solutions have additional benefits that promote cost and time savings throughout the extended lifetime of the product and help make the transition as seamless as possible.

Improved Diagnostics

Make the already wide range of features in your IP phone more dynamic with remote access. Supported through user interfaces, you can enhance the speed, clarity, range and versatility of your product.

Unlimited Scalability

Reduce the need for expanded infrastructure, even as future security needs change. IP phones are built to work on virtually any network, and can grow as large or small as you need.

Return on Investment

We often hear of locations spending man hours having their security teams push buttons to ensure the phone works. With IP, you can manage your entire system from one centralized dispatch location. And thanks to improved diagnostics, you’ll be notified in the event there is an issue with any product.

Ease of Use

Installing your system is easy. And after? You can manage the entire thing from a single technology platform. That will make you – and your IT team – very happy.

Integration Opportunities

Using SIP technology, our IP phones provide increased functionality and collaboration with other applications, including a number of leading device management systems like Avaya, Cisco and Genetec. Download our integration matrix to see a full list of partnerships.

For more information on how IP technology can work for you, please contact your local sales representative or call 800-205-7186.