Mass notification systems remain key component for K-12 schools

In the January 2014 issue of Building Design + Construction Magazine, there is a five-part series examining the state of K-12 security one year after the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

One of the features is an article that outlines 16 key technology-related considerations school officials should consider for their districts.

Included in the list was the need for updated mass notification systems:

“Mass notification systems — from robocalls to first responders, parents, and staff — are readily available from manufacturers, but remind school officials that, with people changing their mobile providers all the time, correct phone numbers have to be constantly updated.”

A good point, and one that can be easily achieved through Blue Alert® MNS from Code Blue, which is specifically designed for schools looking for an efficient way to detect and respond. Blue Alert MNS is a comprehensive and cost-effective incident response solution that provides a touch-screen compatible, web-based interface with easy-to-use Quick Launch Buttons that allow responders to deliver multi-layered emergency notifications. Available platforms include: email, text messaging (SMS), blue light phones, public address speakers, Facebook, Twitter, Windows and Mac OS desktop alerts, digital signs and fire panels.

For more information on Blue Alert MNS, click here.